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Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg, award winning composer and former lead vocalist in Blue Foundation, has since her departure from the band in 2009 been working on her own music. She is the voice behind hits such as “Eyes on Fire”, “As I moved on”, “Bonfires” and “End of the Day”.

Photo: Kajsa Gullberg

Photo: Kajsa Gullberg

Together with Blue Foundation she has recieved a platinum disc for her contribution to the Twilight Soundtrack with the song “Eyes on Fire”, and a gold disc in Denmark for the Blue Foundation album “Sweep of Days”.

In 2012 she released her first song, as a solo-artist, “Drømmenes Lyd” and in 2013 she released full solo album “Hamskifte” along with a remix EP “Hamskifte Remixes”.  View Kirstine’s entire discography here.

A sound I can call my own

Since my departure from Blue Foundation I have kept a very low profile. I have been underground, working alone in my studio in Copenhagen, searching for a new sound; my own sound. I have started from scratch, building up the energy and the music, step by step, feeding my flame.

During this process I wanted to get as close as possible to a sound, that I can call my own, and therefore I decided to compose, arrange and produce all of the music myself. I wanted to find out how it would sound if I had held every single layer of the music in my hands.



Photo: Kajsa Gullberg

The music is created with the use of acoustic and electronic instruments, manipulated field recordings and my voice. The lyrics are written in Danish. I have been wanting to experience the nearness and intimacy of expressing myself in my mother tongue, for a long time. Now was a chance to do it.

Being a part of Blue Foundation has been an incredibly fantastic adventure and I will always be proud of what I have created with the band. I can’t describe how much it means to me, that so many people from all over the world have been listening to our music. I hope to meet some of you again, even though I have been away for so long


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